Explore the world of puppetry through a series of workshops and camps offered to small groups. We make puppets, invent or adapt stories, and learn to manipulate them while developing small performances. Small groups get to try my own set of puppets, too. 


These workshops and camps are well suited for anyone who love art, storytelling and a little bit of magic. 



SMALL GROUPS: Each workshop can be adapted to specific age group. I work with kids from 6 - 99 years old! Workshops happen in my workshop. If you have a small interested group (2-4 total), contact me directly to discuss workshops options, dates and time. After discussing it together, you will be asked to fill out this form to confirm the class. 


HOMESCHOOLERS: I work with parents and students as needed to adapt the content of the story (invented or adapted) to a specific aspect of their curriculum (science, social science, literature). 


BIGGER GROUP/BIRTHDAY: If you have a space, and would like a workshop for a group of up to 8 persons, email me to discuss options

As my space is limited, I only accept one parent to be present, if needed. If a parent actually want to participate (which usually happens!), I will ask for a participation fee. 

Aesop Fable.png
7-99 years old

Shadow Puppetry

Explore shadow puppetry!

Make a story, and learn  construction and performances techniques.

4 hours

$100 per person 

simple string puppet_edited.jpg
6-99 years old

String puppet

Make a string puppet from a display of available material (wood, fabric, etc.) and learn to manipulate it.


3 hours

$85 per person

8-99 years old

Rod puppet

Create a character or choose one from your favorite book, and build a colorful rod puppets to perform with.

6 hours

$200 per person

Shadow Storyboard
14-99 years old

Shadows Story Sheet

Cut out a story of your invention and explore the use of light to share it with your friends/family or classroom. 

3 hours 

$85 per person 

sock puppet.JPG
5-99 years old

Hand puppets

Make different fun little hand puppets and explore what their story could be. Younger children welcome with adult help. 

 60 min

$30 per person

5 senses
12-99 years old

Rod puppet

Make a paper mâché puppet head and assemble a rod puppet for you or your loved ones


5 hours

$130 per person

I really liked the class, because we not only made puppets, but also learned how to move with them and how to make it show emotion.

Ava, 11 years

The class also led her to look up more books and videos on puppetry. It was a motivating and inspirational class.

Ava's mom

I liked my puppets because the hands are so cool and  beautiful. I think they are alive with magic.

Ava, 6 years

I liked making the puppets because I liked the head I picked out because it came out to be funny.

Forbes, 7 years

workshop outside.jpg

Through all phases of creation, Maïté was our colleague, advisor, collaborator and finally our drama coach as we trooped out into her yard to make our own silly shows.  It was an afternoon of pure fun I heartily recommend to anyone, child or adult, who wants to reconnect with their own creativity.

Anne Hanley, grand-mother


Camps happen usually in the Summer ! Get inspired by your natural environment to develop characters and stories that will be rehearsed and presented on the last day of camp. Children age 7-10 get to make one nice rod puppet as well as various "smaller" puppets that get integrated in the show, work on storytelling and characters' development, puppet exercises, voice and performance. 

CURRENTLY : NO CAMPS, come back later or contact me if you want to receive information about future camps directly into your mailbox. 

 Previous Camps: 

 - 2018, Puppet Tent Camps, 6 -12 years old, one week

 - 2019, Puppet Camp, University of Fairbanks Alaska Summer Session Camps, 9 -11 years old, one week

 - 2022, Puppet Camps at the Botanical Garden, UAF Summer Session, 6 - 8 and 9-11 years old, two weeks