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Explore Shadow puppetry

Over the course of 4 online classes, students will make their own little shadow theater, develop a short story, explore characters and sceneries options before sharing their work. 

This is an online Art and Language Art class.

Expectations varies with age groups.

I can work with parents and students to adapt the content of the story (invented or illustrated) to a specific aspects of their curriculum (science, social science, literature).

9 - 15 years old 

60 minutes classes

Online (zoom)

4-9 learners per class

dog and the moon

$80 USD - for four sessions  

*See what it includes below

Payment is by paypal once registration is confirmed or cash/check on pick up day.

Material pick up will be organized prior to the first day of class.



Morning session:

10.00 am - 11am


Afternoon session:

1 pm - 2 pm


What it includes:

  • A small kit with some material (paper, skewers, pieces of colored paper, cellophane, feather, yarn). 

  • My expertise and passion for puppetry and informal education all along the way :-)

Things you will need :

  • Tape, scissors, empty cereal box or show box, pencils, paper and various craft objects found around the house.

  • cutter knife for grade 5 and up.

  • A light source (table lamp, smartphone light, small LED light source, other)

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